3D Animation News ‘Daily Bake’ Platform Started Crowd-funding on Kickstarter


Glincon released news on 12th that 3D animation news platform ‘Daily Bake’ has started crowd-funding on a US crowd-funding platform Kickstarter.

‘Daily Bake’ is a news platform performed using 3D animation. The idea is to reorganize daily news and perform them in a interesting way. Explain news in the perspective of hero Dude Bro in a interesting way.

This time targeted amount of crowd-found is USD 5,000(about 5.5 million Korean won). It’s an unexpected small amount of money for producing 3D animation, though the hero of ‘Daily Bake’ Dude Bro is poor. He sells popcorn for a living but never gives up his dream of founding a media company. In order to make the sincere story more meaningful, he decided to crow-found only USD 5,000.

Glincon representative Cui Yongyuan said, in order to show unfamiliar 3D animation news platform as a culture product, Glincon team has made great effort. The crowd-founding on Kickstarter has introduced ‘Daily Bake’ to global market. It is also a good chance for objective verification.

On the other hand, Glincon was selected as ‘Young Start-ups’ of 2016 by intelligent venture school on Jul 28th. Glicon has also received 70 million Korean won as business support cost.