Bon Angels’ Discount Information Service ‘Surprise’ Receives 800 Million Won of Investment


Venture Capital Partners Bon Angels declared on the 7th that they have invested 800 million won in discount information service ‘Surprise’ operated by ‘Mberse’.

‘Surprise’ from Mberse is a service that provides more than 500 discounts and shopping information in the beauty, fashion, and food industries.

If users select and save a certain brand as a favorite, they can keep receiving various information including discounts, new products, user reviews, etc. instead of just simple product descriptions.  You can also customize information you’re interested in.


Representative from Bon Angels 全泰研 who is in charge of this investment said, “Staff from the fashion and beauty industry are looking for the proper point to reach their customers. They’re paying close attention to Surprise. Mberse built their foundation with e-commerce and have grown through their team members’ execution and patience. That’s the reason we decided to invest in them.

Mberse representative 朱始贤 said, “Surprise provides discount information on world-class brands. We will enhance our ability to provide such information and become the first choice for customers and suppliers.”