Born2Global Center supports innovative technology companies to go global


K-ICT Born2Global Centre(B2G) began receiving applications for ‘B2G Membership Program 2018.’
This is a membership program designed for innovative technology companies which will provide selected member companies with various services for customer acquisition, business development, investment attraction as well as Legal, patent, accounting, and marketing consulting. This year B2G will select 70+ promising innovative technology companies. This is the one and only chance to become a member of this program this year. Any Technology innovative ICT companies who aim to expand their business globally can apply. The application deadline is March 11, 2018. All completed applications must be submitted online.

Newly joined members will receive professional consulting from B2G’s international lawyers, patent agents, and accountants on issues companies face when starting or expanding its business in the global market. With B2G’s experts’ approval, this first round of consulting can be followed by a second round led by experts who are global partners with B2G.

Member companies will also have opportunities to participate local demo-days/ roadshows in major countries including the U.S., Europe, China, Japan, South East Asia, Middle East, and etc. for business development and investment attraction.

The upgraded 2018 B2G Membership Program will allow members to approach local customers by entering the local market to increase the chance of their successful overseas expansion. This new strategy will help the member companies to develop insight about global market, so that they can directly contact potential customers in their target markets and prove their competitiveness in the market.

K-ICT Born 2 Global Center President Kim Jong Gap said, “B2G developed and designed this program to help innovative technology companies develop necessary capabilities to enter foreign market, based on our experience. From this program, the newly joined members would receive the most practical support.” He added, “This year, there will be only one chance for new companies to join this membership. So I strongly encourage Technology innovative ICT companies who aim to go global to seize this opportunity”

Companies that couldn’t join B2G Membership this time will still be able to get support from B2G through many of its other programs.