Business Cards, Order by 4pm and Have It in Your Hands the Same Day


A custom printing service provider, Bizhows said on the 8th that it expanded its ‘same-day delivery’ service. 
With the expanded delivery service, Bizhows now offers same-day delivery for business card orders that are placed before 4pm, which will be delivered to the customers after 6pm by parcel and express delivery. Users can customize their business cards by choosing options such as vertical type and single-sided type.  As for paper, there are as many as 10 options to choose from. The minimum order quantity is 70 business cards and the cards can be printed with various paper types and options.

Bizhows said, “We expect our improved service will provide convenience to busy small business owners and sales representatives who urgently need business cards.

“We have expanded our same-day business card delivery service to better serve Bizhows users,” said Dong Yun Kang, Business Team marketer at Bizhows. “We plan to provide more sophisticated services based on CCM certification that we successfully renewed at the end of last year.”