Monthly Developer Rental Service Launched


Mckinley&Rice announced that it has launched a developer time rental service.

The developer rental service supplies India-based developers on a monthly basis depending on the needs of companies using the service at a 50%-lower cost compared to when they hire developers based in Korea. For instance, the average monthly service fee for a React JS front-end developer is around KRW 2,300,000. Mckinley&Rice explains that medium-sized software-based companies such as Humax IT and  Setech and startups in Korea are already using the service. 

Jungwoo Kim, Representative Director of Mckinley&Rice, said, “We have resolved the issue of verification, stability, and language that other simple brokerage services are facing, as well as enhancing operational flexiblity by executing and terminating service contract on a monthly basis.” Click here to see more details of the service.