Comento, Attracted Seed Investment from Silicon Valley


Comento, a startup for job-hunting mentoring service, announced on February 7 that it attracted seed investment from 500 Startups, a Silicon Valley seed fund, and Mechanism Angel Fund. The investment amount is undisclosed.

Comento is a startup to provide job-seeking mentoring from the employed and recruitment services. Its service connects current employees and job-seekers through Naver’s knowledge-sharing service, Jisik-iN, for answers and replies to their questions and worries. The accumulative number of provided answers since August 2015 is 200,000.

Its job search mentoring platform collects various data including job-seekers’ interests, history, and job competency to help the employment of talented people. The company uses artificial intelligence algorithm to help enterprises recruit the right people for them.

“Our goal is that more and more job seekers get help to find the right job and the best company for themselves. Comento is not just a service to help find a job, but in the long run it will become social media with information, knowledge, and experience related to an individual’s career path,” President of Comento Jae-Sung Lee, said.