Curate hole in the wall restaurants and get rewards… ‘The Taste Team’


CultureHero announced that it has launched a blockchain-based hole in the wall restaurant curation service called The Taste Team on 12th this month.

The Taste Team is a hole in the wall restaurant curation service users create. When users post information about hole in the wall restaurants that fit the theme of the hole in the wall contest held every week, they are rewarded with Steem cryptocurrency depending on the number of votes.

The Taste Team can be characterized by high reliability and user participation through rewards. There are no advertisements involved as only information about hole in the wall restaurants users have been to is posted, and one can even check out contents a specific user posted in the past, number of votes and star ratings. In addition, the reward is said to strongly motivate users to create high-quality contents as it goes up depending on the number of votes contents receive. The Taste Team actually saw more than 1,000 hole in the wall restaurant reviews posted in just 10 days since it opened in May 24.

Representative Yang Jun-Gyu of CultureHero said “The Taste Team is a daily service users can experience while creating contents themselves and getting rewards within the blockchain system,” and added “we will do our best to establish a unique token economy by utilizing Smart Media Token (SMT) which is a self-token generation system in the long term.”

CultureHero secured 0.45 billion Korean Won and 1 billion Korean Won from Kakao Ventures and Korea Development Bank respectively, and is currently operating “Wife’s Cuisine” which is a food contents service that currently has 1.7 million users.