Didimi Funding gets behind four startups with 500 million won investment


Peer-to-peer crowdfunding platform and financial startup Didimi Funding has announced an investment of 500 million won (USD $425,000) in four startups – Wevia, Cosmo Angels, Pingping and Hello Car.

The investment is the result of an MOU to promote startup investment and incubation that was signed between the Korea M&A Center and KAEL last month. The selection of startups were chosen based on several criteria including revenue and development potential.


Here’s a quick rundown of the companies and their services:

Wevia provides O2O (online to offline) services for singles and saw success last year with its premium dating app “Golden Link”. The company also hosted two offline parties.

Cosmo Angels
This startup developed Beezling, an app for exchanging business cards at meetings or events. The service aims to make networking and exchanging details at events more convenient, without the need to carry around a stack of cards. Cosmo Angels also won top prize at the Women’s Entrepreneur Competition in 2014.

Pingping is a startup that provides social network-based viral promotional services. The company unearths smaller unknown companies and products, and produces promotional videos for free. Members of the service then share the videos with others on social media and go into the draw to receive free products or services.

Hello Car
Hello Car’s “Parking Monster” is a mobile valet parking service for businesses. The smartphone app provides parking management for restaurants, bars, and other parking buildings, and also offers a vehicle data reporting service through its POS smartpen solution. The company managed to bring in 200 million won in revenue last year, and currently offers a delivery parking valet service on Nonhyun’s food street in Gangnam.

CEO of Didimi Younghoon Kwon said that it would be monitoring the development of the four companies, and that it has plans to provide further investment in the future. “We will also continue to look for more promising startups to invest in,” said Kwon.