Disposable Paper Cold Cups To Replace Plastic Containers


Repaper announced that they successfully developed a 100% material-level reusable eco-friendly coating material, RP500, for paper food containers that can replace disposable plastic cups. Paper food containers that are applied with RP500 are waterproof and can be 100% reusable as raw materials. The company is expecting that the new product can replace widely-used plastic cups for cold drinks and ice cream.

With their heat stability technology, food containers that feature RP500 can not only hold cold drinks but also can be used in microwaves and ovens. In addition, even when collected with foreign waste, RP500 is highly bio-degradable, so can be used as compost. When burned, no harmful gases are created, which makes it an excellent eco-friendly alternative.

Repaper will showcase the paper cold cup with RP500 in the coming October. The company will launch the product in the European market via the LECTA group, a global specialized paper company.

CEO Yoon Cheol said, “The eco-friendly and waterproof paper coating material RP500 will enable ordinary paper containers to overcome their weakness of holding cold food and beverages and will replace double-sided PE coated paper cups or disposable plastic containers that are waterproof but cannot be recycled.”