IE to create VR content in MOU with Trillion Media Holdings and Signeo


Game developer and marketing company IE announced this morning that it has plans to enter the VR field through an MOU with two Hong Kong companies.

The business has formed partnerships with entertainment company Trillion Media Holdings and electronic manufacturing company Signeo through its wholly owned Hong Kong-based subsidiary IEHK. IE’s plans include creating new experiences by securing the rights to popular animation and entertainment content, as well as applying VR to shopping environments and games.


The partnership between the three companies will focus on creating business models which make use of virtual reality, including game development and distribution, entertainment content, and offline shopping experiences. Trillion Media Holdings, an entertainment startup which was founded last year, is expected to be particularly useful in gaining a diverse range content.

“After establishing our creative studio ‘NextVR’ we plan to secure the rights for Korean and Japanese animation and entertainment content.” said CEO of IE, So Chi On. “By partnering with influential and global entertainment companies, we aim to become the best Korean partner in the industry.”

After years of focusing on biometric technology including fingerprint scanning, IE has recently made moves into other industries such as game development and marketing, acquiring startup Smart Posting last year.