Launching a marketing chatbot to push up purchase conversion rate


ZOYI corporation launched a marketing chatbot named Nudge available on online shopping malls.

Nudge is a chatbot, running on a chat solution channel in real-time.  It sends greetings to customers and informs reluctant customers with products in online shopping carts of their accumulated points.

According to ZOYI Corporation, Beta tests on a female clothing online shopping mall named realcoco shows that sales per hour increased by 67% by attracting customers not aware of events to purchase.  The company added that the purchase conversion rate is a mere 1% based on results of analyzing 5,000 online shopping malls. Choi Si-won, CEO of ZOYI Corporation, stressed that “Online commerce is all about how to raise purchase conversion rates of customers who are already on the websites.” He also added that “A marketing chatbot, communicating with customers at lower costs than advertisements, will grow as a big market.” Nudge is available starting from 100,000 won per month.