Naver-Xiaomi, Cooperation in Artificial Intelligence


Naver, South Korea’s web service giant, signed a strategic memorandum of understanding with Xiaomi, Chinese hardware maker, for technology collaboration of artificial intelligence between Naver’s AI platform Clova, Xiaomi, and its Korean vendor Youmi. This MOU will expand the voice-activated AI technology of Clova to Xiaomi’s IoT devices.

“This collaboration with Xiaomi and Youmi will greatly expand the scope of IoT service environment offered by Clova. We are going to strengthen the cooperation with various partners in order to provide original experiences to users through Clova in their everyday lives,” In-Hyuk Choi, Vice President of Naver, said.

Naver’s Vice President In-Hyuk Choi, Xiaomi’s Global Strategy Vice President Heung Chor, and Youmi President Moon-Ho Han held a ceremony to sign the strategic MOU in artificial intelligence.

“By making it possible to control all Xiaomi products sold in South Korea with Naver’s AI platform Clova henceforward, we established a foundation to approach more friendly and conveniently to Korean consumers with Xiaomi products. We will take the lead in creating new IoT environment by collaborating with Naver in the area of AI technology,” said Xiaomi’s Global Strategy Vice President Heung Chor.