Oddm, launches celebrity e-commerce


Oddm formed a strategic partnership with Interorigin to introduce Celpicks beta service, a celebrity e-commerce platform based on influencer marketing. The company launched celebrity e-commerce using SNS celebrity influence.

In Celpicks, Oddm manages and enhances the platform while Interorigin manages influencers, items, and stores. The companies said they launched the platform together after realizing it has enough marketability from having reached almost 200 million won in sales for three days in the test operation in the past year.

Mu Sun Park, CEO of Oddm said, “based on our know-how of successful influencer marketing, we will make Celpicks a success by optimizing the operating circumstance of celebrity e-commerce while introducing automated management of the platform, a convenient system, and transparent sales.” Young Keun Oh, CEO of Interorigin said, “Interorigin will make synergic effect by recruiting influencing celebrities while encouraging good-quality items to be on the platform.”