RIDI Books lets you read unlimited books for a flat monthly fee.


On 3rd of July, RIDI Corporation announced the launch of RIDI Select, unlimited monthly subscription plan of RIDI Books.

RIDI Select lets users read  bestselling books of RIDI Books for a flat monthly fee of 6500 won. Those who subscribe to the service by 3rd of August  will be  given  two-month free membership.

Subscribers can get the most out of this service as RIDI Select does not put a limit on books the readers can choose from. If users do not like the book they downloaded, they can just return it since the returned book is not counted on their accounts. All they have to do is to pick another book they may like. The company expects that a fixed monthly subscription plan can invigorate the book content market as it did in music and film industry. “RIDI Select service is designed to reduce the readers’ time and cost significantly. I expect such characteristics can contribute to increasing the number of readers and spurring growth in the book market.” said Kisik Bae, the CEO of the RIDI Corporation. For further information on RIDI Books, visit the website of the company.