Rocket Punch to launch ‘Q&A among applicants’ function


Rocket Punch announced on the 1st that they launched a new feature that supports Q&A function among applicants.

The new function is designed to support applicants having difficulties in collecting necessary information in their job seeking efforts. Once an applicant makes his/her application history public, he/she  can not only check other applicants profiles but also can  communicate and exchange information with them.
Even before applying, applicants can view profiles of other members who were accepted to join businesses.  Applicants can inquire information such as work environment, necessary work experiences to those who currently hold the positions that the job seekers are interested in applying for. In order for a dynamic information flow, members who have joined within a year ago are marked separately. 
Rocket Punch asked for prior consent to its members who have applied for recruitment to make their application history public . The result indicates that there are more than 750 applicants at WAUG Travel and more than 360 applicants at Sumgo who can be identified on the recruit page of Rocket Punch website. 
Sangbum Lee, Executive Director of Strategy of Rocket Punch, stated that “companies and applicants are both having difficulties due to closed recruiting environment”, adding that “the business networking service based direct communication among related parties is expected to let both recruiting managers and applicants be more effective”.