RocketPunch “Builds a Talent Pool with Talent Network”


RocketPunch announced its launch of ‘Talent Network’ on 12th.

Talent Network is designed to connect economically active people around the world in a single online network. It creates an advertisement network dedicated to various kinds of business activities so that competent professionals in the same field can be connected to one another with a single network.

Talent Network is going to be applied to recruitment process to solve hardship of businesses of all size  in finding experienced candidates essential to the businesses’ growth.

The network is consisted of start-up media and game communities. RocketPunch will provide services that can meet the needs of people accustomed to cutting-edge technology and digital environment, and will continuously expand its network. The service is scheduled to be launched around late June.

“We decided to launch Talent Network to make business communication more efficient.  We are very grateful for the fact that excellent services from various fields have already  joined our network.” said Minhee Cho, CEO of RocketPunch.  He added that “We expect that our service can make great contribution to businesses struggling to find competent employees with much experience when applied to recruitment.”