Semiconductor Nano Check Start-up enterprises HICS Company HICS Receives 1 Billion Won Investment


HICS start-up company developed Nano Scale that use light to detect the production process, and receives A round investment.

HICS Company states received totally 1 billion won follow up investment from the Daekyo Investment and Seoul investment partners. Investment Daekyo and Seoul investment partners invest 500 million won separately.

It takes 6 months to receive this follows up investment after received Pre-Series A round investment from start-up accelerator ActnerLab, one operating of TIPS (private investment oriented technology entrepreneurship support project).

HICS Company is a start-up comprehensive solution company that develops and uses light nano scale NDM (Depth Measurement Nano). By NDM comprehensive solution you can use light as a ruler, measure the surface shape of the object and the internal light physical characteristics accurate to nano.


HICS Company Flag

HICS Company’s NDM comprehensive solution suit for process checks that requires to accurate to the nanometer, such as semiconductor, OLED board, and smart phones micro lens and so on. Confirming the defective semiconductor goods in real time on the process of production greatly improves the yield of the semiconductor.

In addition, HICS Company’s checkout set not only can be used to measure industrial samples, but also can measure the shape of biological cells and the composition of the cell material.

HICS Company will finish verification work of Biological Cell Shape Measurement at the end of this year, and start to focus on the North American and European markets to enter the global market for biological cells.

When talking about the company’s plans, HICS Company representative Li Xuanwu said , “Although our country (South Korea) is leading the semiconductor LED, OLED board market,  HICS technology must succeed in the global precision electronic components market to get rid of the joint chase of Chinese and Japan and keep a favorable position of process technology,.”

On the other hand, HICS Company was selected to the Startup Nomad 3 Term future, a global startups accelerator project that Venture Square and ActnerLab attended together hold by Future Creative Science Department and undertake by NIPA.