Spacosa Cooperates with Fly Kids to Send School Bus Location to Parents


Location cloud computing solutions enterprise Spacosa has signed a business cooperation agreement with Fly Kids to provide location notification service School Hum in buses for 1,000 kindergartens. Fly Kids is a professional kindergarten transportation enterprise in 33 regions (including Jeju Island) with more than 30 subsidiaries.


School Hum makes it easy for kindergarten teachers or parents to use their mobile phones to confirm the location of a school bus. Parents can save time by using this service to confirm school bus arrival time in real-time, which is constantly changing due to the influence of weather and traffic. Teachers can also pay more attention to student and safety management without having to contact parents due to school bus problems.

School Hum also helps to improve the efficiency and accuracy of vehicle control through real-time monitoring. School Hum uses the location transfer device Gper installed on the phone of the school bus driver to solve the problem of personal privacy and maximize functionality.


Spacosa representative Cho Uju stated, “The goal of School Hum is to serve 30 thousand buses in the first half of 2017 and then expand to become a 4.5 million user domestic commercial vehicle control service.