The Opening of a “Decent Shopping Mall for Air Conditioners”, Sseukssak Mall


Sseukssak Mall, a shopping mall for Sseukssak’s own air conditioners, newly opened. Sseukssak Mall claims to be a ‘decent’ shopping mall for air conditioners. It aims to put an end to the existing vicious practice of inducing purchases using false rock-bottom prices and then demanding excessive additional installation costs on site.

As the solution to the aforementioned problem, Sseukssak Mall discloses all the installation processes and costs involved in advance in a transparent manner. It provides a separate cost for an outdoor air conditioner unit and does not ask for an expensive additional installation cost. It truly seeks to provide every product it has at rock-bottom prices, which include the basic installation costs by product type.

It also paid attention to the characteristics of air conditioners, which are semi-finished products, and made sure that only technicians with the highest level of customer satisfaction in each region take charge of installation. In order to reassure customers even after the completion of installation, it provides a one-year warranty on not only its products but also on installation. More details about Sseukssak Mall can be found here: