The Woori Bank Created Wibee Fintech Laboratory for Business Startups


On 10th of this month, the Fintech business incubator center Wibee Fintech laboratory, a one-man start-up company business center (Hereinafter referred to as Wibee fintech laboratory), started operations on the second floor of Woori Bank yeongdeungpo branch.

Li Guangqiu from Woori Bank, director of Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, Zhu Yinghe, director of KISED Jiang Shiyu, yeongdeungpo, District Mayor Zhao Gytheio and people from other domestic and overseas enterprise tutor and related institutions of venture capital, law, patent, IT, education attended the opening ceremony.


Wibee Fintech Laboratory Opened on 10th of This Month

The Wibee fintech laboratory running by Woori Bank will work together with well-known business incubators from domestic and overseas to help development of pre-entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in Fintech field. With the end of the raise activity for settled enterprises in July, Wibee Fintech laboratory’s first phase of the selection also come to an end. Six companies are selected to join Wibee Fintech Laboratory in the first phase, they are Soft Daum, Rental Era, Manner Car, Benefit, EnTalk and South Korea credit data.


Business representative of South Korean credit data Jin Donghao

Wibee Fintech lab provides a variety of support projects to the settled enterprises of the first phase, including 100 flat office, IT training, patent legal advice, IT system, investors contact etc. In addition, they can also participate in the overseas project organized by Woori Bank and two British business incubators. Woori Bank plan to help 1-2 participated enterprises enter the oversea market through this project every year, make them normal and continue to expand their scale.

On the day of the opening ceremony, Woori Bank signed a business cooperation memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, all of them plan to explore and cultivate potential one-man start-up company, provide financial cost discount, and strengthen cooperation consulting support for small and medium-sized enterprises and backbone enterprises.


Small and Medium Enterprise Agency director Zhu Yinghe (left) and Woori Bank President Li Guangqiu (right)

After the opening ceremony, hosted by Huang Enjing lawyer from patent support center, an IPR seminar prepared for startups was launched. Finally, instructors and trainees (settled enterprises) from venture capital, legal, IT training and other fields talked in-depth.


Instructors communicating with trainees

On the day of the activity, Woori Bank president Li Guangqiu said, ” As representative of business incubator, Wibee Fintech Laboratory will fully preform its obligations, ” and also try to build a model for domestic Fintech industry. Let Fintech start-ups grow into international venture business.

In addition, besides the six companies selected by Wibee Fintech in the first phase, Woori Bank plans to continue exploring enterprises through recruit at any time.

The six companies selected in the first phase of Wibee Fintech laboratory


EnTalk provides security information services for individual investors. The company’s operation principle is to provide simple and intuitive security information, reliable security information based on big data, and free security information.

South Korea credit data

South Korean credit data collects electronic financial information of the owners of small and medium enterprises in the way of non face-to-face, analyzes the loan repayment capacity of small and medium enterprises through Pattern Recognition.


Benefit provides automatic savings solutions. After setting daily budget, Benefit will raise credit according to the amount of spending, figure and save consumption propensity. The amount of money that has not been budgeted for the budget will be stored. When data accumulated to a certain stage, Benefit will recommend users bankcards which suits their own consumption propensity.

Daum Soft

DaumSoft builds a Mashup service system by cooperating with overseas e-commercial company API.

Rental Era

Rental Era has built a house renting management system among tenant, landlord, housing management companies and estate agencies. Developed an app based on the virtual account, providing a perfect solution for house renting management, facility maintenance & repairing, and communication.

Manner Car

Manner Car provides O2O service based on vehicle transaction information. Through services including dealer bidding, matching and evaluation in auto market, the price bubbles could be reduced. And it will become more convenient for consumers.