3 minutes to create a mobile apps?


Weneepl launched a mobile service, producing apps only with smartphones. Once you select template features or configurations, you can easily create apps without concerns about planning, design and coding.

Weneepl mobile production service supports total of 41 templates including shopping mall, schedule management and community. It only takes about 3 minutes to create apps with basic menus after choosing purposes. It also provides modules such as bulletin board, gallery and search, allowing users to create apps as they please besides template configurations.

The number of weneepl mobile production apps and users are 1,500, 4,000 respectively. Weneepl stated that everyone can create their personalized apps easily and conveniently using the mobile production service. The company also added that they will create the world where all generations come together by building an ecosystem allowing communicate and share with others through apps. For more information about weneepl, please refer to it.