The ‘one- stop’ publishing platform for producing, editing, and distributing picture books.


Kokilico has released a brand new self-publishing picture book platform, “The Birth of the Writer”, which allows anyone to edit, produce and distribute books.

The platform supports publishing in all formats, prints and e-books. In fact, it is so cost effective that 3 paper back books can be converted into a full-color hardcover book. The E-books can be distributed to major local online book stores and the Amazon Kindle market.

“The Birth of the Writer” is a copy-editor program which helps create a copy of a picture book simply by uploading each page of illustration. The design editing service is also available to support the publication of high quality picture books for children. Kim Yong Hwan, C.E.O of Kokilico, a book publishing expert who worked in Book21 and WoongjinThinkBig, shares his vision to seek out new opportunities to publish books through Kokilico.

Before rolling out the new platform, Kokilico is throwing an event through its Facebook page until May 31. Editing service gift cards and other prizes will be given to 30 lucky participants in the event. More detailed information can be found at the Facebook page.