CEO Ned Scott of STEEMIT will visit Korea


CEO Ned Scott of STEEMIT will visit Korea.

STEEMIT is a blockchain-based platform that directly compensates creators who upload their posts. Unlike any other social networking services (SNS), the most important feature of this platform is that users can receive rewards when they post articles. In addition, the number of domestic users is increasing because users can be compensated even when they participate in the selection process of high quality content.

Ned Scott, who will be visiting Korea this time, will be attending the GOPAX STEEMIT Meet-up, hosted by GOPAX, a crypto currency exchange, held at Amoris Hall on the 1st Floor of GS Tower in Seoul, starting at 18:00 on May 3rd. Ned Scott will discuss STEEMIT and the token economy under the title of Introduction of the STEEM Platform and Smart Media Token. In addition, he will also participate in a panel discussion with CEO Lee Jun-haeng of GOPAX to talk about the current status and prospects of STEEMIT.

GOPAX will provide an opportunity for STEEMIT users to hear from STEEMIT officials for those who are interested in STEEMIT. Via this opportunity, participants will be able to communicate about the platform by asking questions and delivering opinions to discuss the future of STEEMIT. For further information, please click here.
Meanwhile, Ned Scott will also attend the STEEMIT Meet-up in Seoul National University at SUPEX Hall of Seoul National University from 18:30 to 22:30 on May 2nd. This event will be hosted by the Decipher, a blockchain society of Seoul National University.