Buzzvil Embarks on Overseas Market Targeting after Recording 30 Billion KRW in Sales


Buzzvil has grown more than 15 times in five years, with sales of 30 billion won and operating profits of 1.3 billion won last year. After its turnaround in 2015, the company has recorded surpluses for three consecutive years.

Buzzvil, a media platform targeting mobile lock screens, was established in 2013. In addition to the top 3 Korean mobile carriers, Buzz screen partner, an ad platform for lock screens, provides services for 50 domestic and overseas companies including, Lotte, L Point, and CJ One in addition to 17 million users of Korea’s top 3 mobile carriers in 30 different countries around the world. Last January, the company began to expand its overseas business by acquiring Slide Joy in the U.S.

Last year, we focused on strengthening our overseas partnerships by solidifying domestic partnerships, and this year we are going to enter the global market on a full scale to achieve better results than the Korean market, said Lee Kwanwoo, CEO of Buzzvil.