Car More “Rent cars available even in Ulleungdo Island…”


Car More has revealed that it is starting the Ulleung region rent car service.

According to Car More, Ulleungdo Island has less rent car companies compared to other regions. There are no transportation methods to Ulleungdo Island apart from passenger ships and upon arrival, rent car companies and customers both frequently experience difficulties in confirming reservations and assigning cars. Accordingly,  Car More revealed that from 5th September, it can solve real time the rent car reservation and payment using its application that targets tourists visiting Ulleungdo and Dokdo Islands.

Car More supports a reservation system that supports the unique characteristics of the Ulleungdo Island region. If the customer inserts the departing port and departing time of the ship through the application, the available cars can be viewed and once reserved, it can find beforehand the Ulleungdo Island port that the customer will arrive at. Yoon Hyun-Sik, team leader of affiliation at Car More said that “we made an optimized reservation system based on site experience having strived to find the answer to smoothly connecting the Ulleungdo Island rent car companies with the customers.” He added that “many customers will be able to use good cars with rational prices through the Car More application.” Detailed content regarding Car More can be found here.