Do you want to learn about the Latest Global UX · UI Trends?


Fast Campus is planning to host UX/UI Design Trend Seminar 2019 on January 18 at Construction Guarantee Cooperativein in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

In this event, UX/UI designers from global corporations such as Facebook, Tencent, and Hyperconnect will attend as speakers to share their insights. Shin Min-ho, director of Crea-m, will take a look at the current UX/UI trends, and Lee Keun-bae, product designer of Facebook, will introduce the work process and oriented value of Facebook. Moreover, Lee Hyun-joo, designer of Tencent, will present specific examples of the distinct characteristics of China’s IT ecosystem and UX service trends. Lastly, Kim Sung-ho, product designer of Hyperconnect, will unveil the design strategy that created Azar.

Kim Ji-hoon, business manager of  Fast Campus, mentioned, “The importance of UX/UI as end users and user experience is gradually increasing.” He added, “Through this seminar, it is expected that designers in each field will gain new perspectives and insights on the rapidly changing IT industry and service evolution.” More information about the event can be found here.