Fooding Box launches new meal replacement service


Fooding Box has launched its new meal replacement service that delivers food right to your door.

While there are numerous food delivery services in the market already, Fooding Box focuses on providing food from popular restaurants and food companies. It means much tastier options for eating at home without having to cook — or if you can’t cook!

The company describes itself as curation and commerce service, offering useful information before ordering. Each food contains detailed explanations of ingredients, the cooking process, as well covering the venue’s cleanliness and philosophy.

Fooding box

The platform also includes food from areas which you would normally only be able to get if you went there directly. Categories include popular cooking, hidden spots (great restaurants that aren’t so well known), TV featured restaurants, deserts, and camping food.

The market for home meal replacements has grown over the past couple of years as the number of single-person households and dual earner families continues to increase. In 2010, the industry grew from 770 billion won to 1.7 trillion won in 2015. This year, home meal replacement companies are expected to bring in over trillion won.

Going forward, Fooding Box says that it plans to set up stores under its brand so that people can buy the meals offline as well.