SK Telecom True Innovation to hold AI & NUGU Meetup


Hosted bySK Telecom True Innovation and funded by Venturesquare, SK True Innovation will open ‘True Innovation Meet-up’ in Yeoksam Tips Town Tipshall located on 19Th Of March.

True Innovation was launched on February 2018 by SK Telecom OpenCollabo Center. It is a partner collaborative program designed to support and feed startups. After its launch, True Innovation focused on expanding corporate business and settling collaborative open work culture. As a part of the effort, True Innovation has been holding monthly meet-up events for media, drone and IoT experts.

The topic for the March meet-up will be “Figuring out AI, the power to enlightened the world”. Expert panels include Prof. Ji-Hoon Jeong from Kyung Hee Cyber University, Won-Gyu Cho, CEO of Skelter Labs and Jae-Hwa Chang, the developer of Voyagerx. Panels are expected to share their profound insight about the AI technology.

Guide session for ‘NUGU Play Developer Contest 2019’ will be prepared as well, hosted by Yoon-Ho Shin, the cell leader of the SKT AI Business unit.

True Innovation meet-up is a public event that can be registered by pre-online registration( or at the venue during the event date.

[NUGU Play Developer Contest 2019]

NUGU Play Developer Contest is a contest for developers of startups, companies and individuals to design voice-based AI service ‘NUGU Play’ by using NUGU Play Kit. In total, 10 teams will be nominated with an award of 30 million Won. The winner will win an opportuinites to join the SK Telecom Accelerator program and to visit NUGU Conference hold by SK Telecom.

The registration page is open for the 18th of February until the 5th of April 2019, and registration form can be downloaded at the NUGU Developers homepage (