Shipget’s average monthly sales rise by 50 % more


Sales per month in Shipget in the second half of this year are getting increased by more than 50 % average growth rate according to e-commerce platforms provider Koreacenter.   

Shipget taken over by Koreacenter in last August is a provider of overseas direct purchase service. After the acquisition, Koreacenter has adopted the merchandise and supply storage management system to Malltail, which is an ODP platform, to increase the effectiveness of cost saving.  Up until this year, its monthly sales and revenue came to increase rate, and Koreacenter’s total ODP sales figures also were up with a significant increase.      

One of the key factors to increase sales was found to be the growing numbers of Chinese ODP consumers who claim cost-effectiveness. As South Korea and China move to normalize relations by the first half year after THAAD dispute, Chinese ODP rate has increased. By strengthening business linkages between Shipget and Taobao, and providing auto-translate service, it allows Shipget account holders by using Taobao service without extra sign-in account. To ensure the customers’ satisfaction, Shipget also offers 10 $ flat rate shipping up to 5 kg (11 lb).  

“With the cost-effectiveness, Chinese ODP rate is steadily increasing in fashion apparel as well as in assorted items. For years to come, we will improve customer service that will lead to customers’ satisfaction and meet the growing demand of Chinese ODP,” Shipget said.   

Meanwhile, Shipget provides Korean guide and auto-translate services for app users, which help users to get easy access to ODP shopping. Now, Shipget has 600,000 users.