[Join the Event] Looking for partners for the D.CAMP IF2018 Startup Street Festival and more


Looking for IF2018 Startup Street Festival partners hosted by D. Camp=D.Camp announced it is looking for partners who will take part in the IF 2018 Startup Street Festival by May 30. IF2018 is a street festival for startup companies. 107 startups and about 30,000 people participated in the festival last year.

The festival will take place on Sinchon’s Yonsei-ro (street) that stretches 450m from September 29 to 30 this year. The festival consists of 5 sections: a startup village featuring display booths, a street showcase where people can participate in various events, a spot session featuring an indoor startup mini conference, a partner village featuring themed booths for sponsors, and a networking party for participating startups. We are looking for startup companies who will participate in the Startup Village and the Street Showcase. Participants will be supported with spaces for display booths and tables, which will be free of charge. Participants will be responsible for determining how to display and demonstrate their products, provide a hands-on experience to spectators and run event and promotions in their booth. Up to 50 m² of individual space and part of the operation cost will be provided for participants for involvement in the street showcase project. More detailed information can be found at D. Camp website.

5th “China Challenger’s Day”= Incheon Center for Creative Economy&Innovation is set to hold the 5th China Challenger’s Day, designed to provide useful lectures for companies wishing for expansion into the Chinese market and additional networking opportunities in collaboration with ChinaLab and ChinaTan in Seoul Center for Creative Economy&Innocation from 16 to 19 on May 24. The theme of the event is titled: “Masterminds of retail business sweeping across China talk about a new breakthrough in Chinese retail market”. Liu Xuede, the Executive Director of Handu Korea will give a lecture on a new retail era through TAO brand and Lee Seung Jin, the Executive Director of Garosu will present “The dazzling power of Korean fashion, captures the attention of consumers in China.”. More detailed information can be found here.