Medical Service Supporting Chat Bot Jelly Lab Attracts Investment


Jelly Lab attracted investment from Digital Healthcare Partners (DHP), a specialized accelerator of healthcare startups.

Jelly Lab is a start-up that helps communication between medical staff and patients using an artificial intelligence-based chat bot. The chat bot can be used for various purposes while assisting medical staff with psychiatric counseling, symptom management, medication management, diagnosis, and questionnaires, as well as appointments for medical care through an interactive interface.

Jelly Lab’s chat bot ask questions and diagnoses patients on KakaoTalk to quantitatively check patients’ health status. Frequently asked questions during the course of treatment are provided to patients in advance and medical staff receive treatment and compliance results on a dashboard. This means that patients and medical staff can both benefit from the system, as Korea’s average medical treatment is often likened to an three-minute medical treatment procedure.

Jelly Lab is currently developing a dashboard for chronic dermatologist disease care, psychiatric disease care such as depression, and chat bots and dashboards for medical staff. Related pilot clinical studies are underway with the Seoul Medical Center and Asan Medical Center in Seoul. The company plans to expand its services to other chronic diseases in the future. “Chat bots are a concept that allow patients to naturally create medical data through a familiar chatting environment,” said Yu Nari, CEO of Jelly Lab. “We will complete and commercialize medically proven services through clinical studies.”