Bayer Korea-Bontu Global Centre Helps Health Care Start-ups


Bayer, the company famous for Aspirin works with K-ICT Bontu global center to help domestic Health Care start-ups.

K-ICT Bontu global center declared that it will sign a contract with Bayer Korea to help Health Care start-ups to go aboard.

The company signed contract with K-ICT Bontu global center, Bayer, is a German international medicine company, who owns more than 350 branches and 100 factories in 150 countries.

Bayer wants to combine its Health Care and crop science knowledge with digital area for digital revolution, and makes ‘science makes life better’ come true.


Photo of K-ICT Bontu Global Centre signs contract with Bayer Korea. (left K-ICT Bontu global center representative Jin Zhongjia. right Bayer Korea representative Ingrid Drexel)

Through this cooperation, Bayer Korea will support Health Care start-ups from Bontu global center this year, help them with creating business model, marketing, selling, financial resources, guide and consulting service.

The two companies are planning a demonstration of domestic Health Care start-ups going aboard, and to provide office to start-ups in Bayer Korea and Pangyo School Health Care project.

Bayer Korea representative Grid Drexel said, Korea owns world’s leading digital environment and lots of outstanding start-ups. It’s a perfect place for Bayer’s future digital revolution to come true. The MOU between Bayer Korea and K-ICT global center will build an eco-system for start-ups in Health Care to develop better, through the support from Health Care accumulated knowledge in more than 60 years and its international chances.

K-ICT Bontu global center representative Jin Zhongjia said, from now on we will share K-ICT Bontu global center resources including start-ups supporting tips and experience from the long history global enterprise Bayer Korea. Let more domestic start-ups enter global market successfully. I hope this cooperation is helpful to Health Care start-ups’ business.