Education Service Class Card Wins E-Learning Entrepreneurship Association President Award for Business Model



2016’s E-Learning Korea was held in the International Exhibition Center from September 21st for three days. Smartphone-based word memory service Class Card won the South Korea Education Information Association President Award in E-Learning educational technology at the business model collection exhibition.

With the recent rapid development of the educational technology market, this is the first education technology award led by the government that intends to explore new types educational services.

Class Card is a service that stores users’ commonly used words on a smartphone and allows them to practice through a combination of a mobile app and web pages. The mobile phone application can be used to control the display of the word cards on the web page which lightens the load of educators, but is also conducive to improving the students’ learning efficiency.

For this award, Class Card representative Cheon Seonghun said, “Class Card reduces workloads for teachers and improves the learning efficiency of students. Apart from boosting the development of the educational technology market, I hope Class Card also can be used further in educational practice.”

Class Card is currently optimizing its existing services, including not only the design of the cards, but also by releasing a new advanced service – checking objective questions. Now this service is offering existing customers a one year free upgrade.