Ulsan Economic Promotion Institute Sets up Network Radio Show Startup Live


Ulsan Economic Promotion Institute set up a network radio show called Startup Live on the 26th and signed a network of network business radio output contracts with the startup incubator & media company Venture Square.

Startup Live was established to record and play capital circle and overseas startup information in real-time to remove the information gap between startups of different places in Korean. Startup Live collects activity information from the Creative Economic Innovation Center, Pangyo Startup School, Yeoksam Maru180 and other famous business organizations, and also from the International Startup Forum, High Risk Forum, and other non-government organizations.


Startup Live Network Radio Set Up by Ulsan Economic Promotion Institute on the 26th

Square, operator of professional startup media company Venture Square, is responsible for the production of Startup Live broadcast information. The produced information will be published by Venture Square across their many channels. The trial run is expected to start this year.

An Ulsan Economic Promotion Institute representative said, “Startup Live shows a lot of entrepreneurship related information. As well as the capital circle, we also will attempt to publish startup information from local authorities and organize real-time remote communication between different areas.”